Enhanced Learning Tools & Resources
Enhanced Learning Tools & Resources
for Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Success


SkillPlan and its partners, Canada’s Building Trades Unions, BC Colleges and the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, have launched the Enhancing Pre-Apprentice and Apprentice Training Tools Project. This exciting project involves work with 14 Building Trades unions and affiliated trades schools and colleges to develop and implement enhanced learning tools and resources for pre-apprenticeship (apprenticeship readiness) and apprenticeship success. This four-year project for instructors, pre-apprentices and apprentices, including diverse and underrepresented groups, will improve program design and delivery on the apprenticeship journey and better support Red Seal success for all learners.

SkillPlan gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada’s Skilled Trades Awareness and Readiness Program for this project.

Enhancing Pre-apprentice and Apprentice Training Tools


A collection of learning tools and resources are available online and on paper for instructors and learners at all stages, from pre-apprentice to apprenticeship training, as well as secondary schools.

Trade-Specific Assessments

  • Trade-specific pre-apprentice readiness assessments
  • Learning competency assessments for apprentices
  • Trade-specific cognitive profiles to understand exact skills requirement to enter an apprenticeship trades program

Trade-Specific Preparation Guides

  • Trade-specific guides

  • Preparation for assessments and to address skills gaps

  • Trade-specific cognitive profiles aligned to apprenticeship trades programs

Technical Training Resources (Block Training Resources)

  • Learning resources for every year of apprenticeship training to help at-risk apprentices
  • Practice trade worksheets
  • Block training review preview material for each trade
  • Red Seal review packages

Tools and Resources: Tailored to Your Trade

Learn how organizations are using the tools and resources
for success on the pre-apprenticeship & apprenticeship journey

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for Pre-apprentice and Apprenticeship Success

We will build out the resources for you, for each trade, and measure the efficacy of those resources with your learners and instructors.

Find out more! To try the tools, request resources or learn how this project can improve program design and delivery on the apprenticeship journey, contact SkillPlan at:

To participate, request resources or learn how this project can improve program design and delivery on the apprenticeship journey, contact SkillPlan at:

Successes & Testimonials

SKillPlan provides the extra resources and one-on-one tutoring needed for many coming into the piping trades. They do a fantastic job of elevating the level of students’ math and science comprehension, which is vital for success in the skilled trades. The theory material used is easy for students to understand, with clearly laid out explanations, examples, visuals and questions.

From an instructor, on using the Piping Prep Guide

Jordan Falk, Plumbing and Steamfitting Instructor
, Piping Industry College of BC

As an end user of the online trade assessment and study guide, the IUOE Local 115 Training Association appreciates the many advantages these online tools and resources provide. This includes being able to quickly and easily deliver online assessments for our HEO and mobile crane apprentice candidates who live remotely. Additionally, we find the online study guide (to be) an effective tool to assist our apprentice candidates in preparation for the online assessment. The study guide’s three sections (math foundations, word problems and problem sets) covers the topic areas which our apprentice candidates will be assessed on. There is even a valuable section found in the online study guide regarding how to use a calculator to approach the online assessment mathematical questions.

From a Learning & Development Specialist on using the HEO Prep Guide & Assessment

I feel that the book and all the assessment are well done. It walks you through set by step and is very insightful.

From an aspiring apprentice, on using the HEO Prep Guide & Assessment

I passed!!!! Thank you for all your help and support, I sent the info and link on to a lot of female apprentices I know and told them how much it helped. Also my tutor was a huge help. I’m so incredibly happy to have obtained my red seal, life changing, really thank you so much.

From a Carpentry Apprentice, Red Seal Prep

Office to Advance Woman Apprentices

Lee is amazing. She's awesome at slowing it down to your pace and making sure you understand. If I didn't understand something, we would work on it until it made sense. Lee also helps build confidence!!

Ironworker Apprentice

Block training tutoring